Providing dyslexic learners and their families with the services they need to thrive.

IDSS, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, supports and advises dyslexic learners and their families. We partner with parents and school districts to ensure that each student’s individual needs are being met. Dyslexia screenings and remediation in Structured Literacy using the Slingerland® approach are offered when appropriate. In direct collaboration with parents, we assess whether the student has access to all the services and accommodations they need within their school to develop to their fullest potential.

We also provide coaching to empower parents to know their rights and become active and informed members of their student’s Individualized Education Team (IEP). With our expertise in special education law, we help families develop a comprehensive plan for success. When needed, we attend IEP meetings with parents to advocate directly on the student’s behalf.

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